10 Great Features of Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. However, if you are unfamiliar with the features of your plan, you might not get the most out of your investment. 

Here are 10 of the most comprehensive life insurance features and why they mean something to you: 

  1. Waiver of Premium.  This feature pays the baseprice of a policy if you become ill or unable to  
  1. Accelerated death benefit. This feature allows you to receive cash advances on policy death benefits if you develop an incurable  Many of those who receive this benefit use the money to pay for treatments and other costs when life is short. 
  1. Guaranteed purchase option. This feature allows you to purchase a insurance in the future after life events without having to prove that you are in good health. 
  1. Long-term Some lifetime products include this option, so you can use your policies to pay for long-term care in exchange for a reduced lifetime. 
  1. Spouse or child Life insurance with this feature allows you to purchase life insurance for your spouse or dependent child up to the age of 26. This option can be a cheaper way to get insurance if you can’t afford it with just one insurance. 
  1. Cash value plans. This type of policy pays for your death and also buildsup value in your life. You can use the dollar value as an investment for the tax office, an asset from which you can borrow and later pay the insurance  
  1. Mortgage protection. This feature, commonly found on life policies, will pay off your mortgage when you  Withdrawals and loans. Many universal and complete life insurance policies allow you to withdraw or lend money using the monetary value of the insurance as collateral. 
  1. Cash withdrawals and loans. You can also use the life value of your life insurance to pay your rates when you need high rates or want to get by for a longer period of time. You must repay the loan if the beneficiaries receive a lower death benefit. 
  1. Support services for  Some life insurance companies offer services that provide fair financial and legal support to beneficiaries. 
  1. Employee assistance programs. This feature gives you resources for issues that may affect your personal and professional life. The resources are usually free and help deal with issues such as addiction, stress, marital issues, legal issues, and major life events. 

Familiarize yourself with your life insurance policies so that you don’t overlook important items that may be needed in your life. Make sure you have a copy of the font, that you know where it is stored, and that someone else in the family knows where it is stored as well. You can always request a copy of your insurance from the insurance company if necessary. And don’t forget to check your insurance coverage every now and then to make sure it matches your stage of life.