We believe that a better life starts with affordable benefits.

Join me to see how to achieve affordable benefits and HR services. We manage all of the paperwork!

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Hi I'm Jeanne

Hi, my name is Jeanne, nice to meet you!
I work with business owners who want to gain and retain their employees by providing robust and affordable benefits.

It is OK if your organization cannot afford to pay for expensive insurance benefits. We supply all types of insurances that can be easily deducted from payroll and often, they are less than what people spend at a fast food place each month!

For 82 years we have been protecting families against financial ruin by offering affordable insurance in the areas of disability, life, accidental, critical illness, cancer, hospital indemnity, dental, and vision!

We can help you give life to your organization by helping your team to feel secure and safe for themselves and their families.

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  • Wow what great experience, I love it! Once I found how easy it was to provide affordable benefits for our team, which did not effect our profits, I was all in! Jeanne's kindness and passion shines through in each conversation so I trust she will take great care of our team.

    Christine Morse President & CEO, Avid Marketing Alliance
  • As a small business owner, I know it is critical to provide as many benefits as possible. Especially now since the demand for top talent is in high demand. Offering these to our team helped me to feel proud and I can tell, they all appreciate the protection for them and their families!

    John VerBrugge Founder & CEO, Shared Hands Virtual Assistance
  • I highly recommend Jeanne to any business owner that wants to provide affordable benefits to their team. Jeanne's knowledge, kindness, and passion for helping our community is evident and you can trust her to ensure all paperwork is completed and your employees are happy.

    Stephanie Scott-Kolakowski Founder & Chief Growth Officer Grow Business Today / Grow Hub


  • If you become disabled, you could be out of work for a period of time. Without your income, how would you pay for your everyday living expenses? Fortunately, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company offers financial protection options that can help you.

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  • Disability insurance can help you pay for everyday living expenses and keep you focused on taking care of the new addition to your family. If your claim is approved, your benefits will start after you satisfy your elimination period (waiting period). Benefits are paid directly to you to use as you see fit. „

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  • Guaranteed level death benefit and premiums • Annually renewable following term period (to 95) with guaranteed rates • Same coverage for employee and spouse Whole Life / Term Life / Group Life / Funding and all of the other benefits are listed here.

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